Before you start, it is recommended to take a look at the API manual information that is provided for your knowledge.

All our new clients can initially integrate and test with their data in our testing environment.

Our dashboard is always up to date including all our latest features for you to familiarise and test. When everything is ready as it must our team will migrate you to production.



You can find our POSTMAN collection here

What will be provided

API Header Object

The following fields will be provided during the transactions process:

Field Name Field Value
From API client name
Authorization Bearer API token
Content_type application/json

Merchant ID

The second information that it will be given is the Merchant ID which is the identification of the Merchant in the iSignthis system. This is a mandatory information that is used in the API request.



The third information is the API Workflow task automation that allows you to access and integrate with our functionality.

In our case, it is the name of the “settings” that is assigned to the Merchant or API.

For more detailed information about Notifications, please navigate to our Notifications section.

NOTE – Transaction Notifications: In order to receive transaction notifications, such as  Transaction_Accepted, then you must provide iSignthis Merchant Support with a notification URL.

The iSignthis technical support team is always ready to help with any questions you may have during the process.

In case you don’t receive the above fields (API Header, Merchant ID and workflow) please contact us:


Test Cards CVV’s

We will provide you with test card for your testing. By using the numbers listed bellow you will have a different notification send, If you wish you can update your CRM according to the transaction result.

CVV From (Including) CVV To (Including) Transaction Result
001 199 OK (Success)
200 299 Incorrect CVV
300 399 Invalid Currency
400 499 Insufficient Funds
500 599 Card Lost
600 699 Card Restricted
700 799 Declined (by Issuer)
800 899 Suspected Fraud
900 999 General Error