Flykk Integration Checklist

1. Integrate Flykk API request – See item 1.Create API Request

2. Capture Transaction ID from API request response – See item 2.API Request Response

Note: Include dob,gender,citizen_country and IP fields with required fields in API Body Request

3. Copy/paste Flykk Embedded code into empty <div> – See item 3.Embedded Mode User Interface

Note: Do not use popups or modals for the Flykk Embedded code

  Note: We recommend a minimum height of at least 600 pixels to provide a smooth experience across devices and screen sizes.

4. Change default Flykk UI language (Optional. Default is English) – See item 3.Embedded Mode User Interface – Changing language in embedded mode

5. Pending transactions – See item 5.Returning to a Transaction

Note: End-users need to be able to return to and continue transaction that is still pending, if they have exited the transaction. (See notification section to determine whether a transaction is pending – if state is PENDING, transaction is pending)

Note: A user can return to a pending transaction via the redirect_url in the response of the API request sent to start the transaction, given that it has not reached a final event therefore the redirect_url or the id of the transaction must be captured from the api request response.

6. Returning back (return url) – See item 3.Embedded Mode User Interface – Front End Instructions – Functions

Note: When a flykk transaction has finished, specific callbacks are created. These callbacks can be used to return the page to any action which the merchant wants. For example, the callback .completed notifies that the transaction is completed and you can add javascript in this function to return the user back to the merchants site.

7. Notifications – See item 4. iSignthis Notifications

Note: Upon sending the API request, you would receive the following notification at your specified webhook (Include snippet: transaction_start – PENDING.VALIDATED_TRANSACTION – Validated transaction notification) 

E.g. If a transaction requires manual KYC review, you would receive the following notification (kyc_manual_review – PENDING.MANUAL_REVIEW – KYC registration manual review required)

E.g. Upon successful completion of a transaction, you would receive the following notification (transaction_accepted – SUCCESS.COMPLETE – Approved and completed successfully)