The following is a list of the possible values a third party will receive in the event field of a notification message.

The event field describes an event, a system action that has been triggered, either automatically or by an operator.

Transactions in a FINAL state cannot be actioned or state changed. It is recommended that money/credits be released to end-users when the “transaction_accepted” final notification is received.

It is suggested you update your CRM with a “money received – on hold”, when you receive the “payment_success” or “payment_piv_success”.

Remove the ‘on hold’ and release the money/credits when the “transaction_accepted” is received.

Final Events

transaction_acceptedThe transaction has been accepted and is being validated.
transaction_declinedThe transaction has been declined.
transaction_expiredThe transaction request has expired.
transaction_cancelledThe transaction has been cancelled.

Additional Events

payment_successPayment was successful (Note: This is not a final state)
payment_piv_successPayment Instrument Verification payment was successful.
kyc_manual_reviewThe request is now in manual review for KYC and needs to be evaluated by an operator.
kyc_manual_requested_documentAdditional KYC documentation requested by operator.
capture_gateway_failedCapture of the transaction failed.
capture_failures_exceededThe user exceeded the amount of tries that they were allowed.
risk_auto_rejectedThe transaction has been automatically rejected due to risk rules.
risk_manual_rejectedThe transaction has been manually rejected due to risk rules.
manual_risk_reviewThe request has been flagged by the risk engine and needs to be evaluated by an operator.
payment_manually_acceptedThe payment has been accepted following operator intervention.
refund_issuedThe transaction has been refunded.
refund_pendingA refund has been issued but it is still pending.
refund_failedA refund has been issued but failed to complete.
chargeback_flaggedThe request has been flagged as a charge-back by an operator.
dispute_flaggedThe transaction is being disputed.
eoi_profile_updatedEOI profile updated by a Dashboard Operator.
unexpected_errorAn unexpected error occurred and the transaction has been halted.