Embedded JavaScript (Deprecated)

Embedded mode uses iframes and supports fixed and variable heights with width always 100% of the container. Embedded mobile mode is loaded when the container width is less than 650px.

Server side instructions

Create iSignthis server side transaction using the API.

The transaction id from the server side response will be needed to passed through to the embedded javascript function on the front end.

Front end instructions

Create a div where the ISX verify embedded web application will be contained. (Do not use modals)

Include the ISX embed javascript source.

Setup and publish the isx embedded content. Note that the publish javascript call must be after the isx container div.

The setup object requires two properties:

  1. transaction_id: set from the server side POST authorization response
  2. container_id: the div id where the verify web application will be embedded

Additionally, you may use the the following optional properties:

  • minimum_height: (string) set the minimum height in pixels the frame can be (default is “600”)
  • maximum_height: (string) set the maximum height in pixels the frame can be (default is null) Setting this value limits the frame’s ability to expand in size – overflow will be accessible through scrolling.
  • language: (string) set the language of the web application. (default is english). See Supported languages

Sample Javascript Embedded HTML:

<div id="isx-container">
<script src="https://verify.isignthis.com/js/isx-embed.js"></script>
    var options = {
        transaction_id: "<server-side-transaction-id-goes-here>",
        container_id: "isx-container",
        minimum_height: "500",
        maximum_height: "750",
        language: 'en'

        .done(function(e) {
            console.log("completed. e=", JSON.stringify(e));
            alert("Finished iSignthis process...");
        .fail(function(e) {
            console.log("error. e="+JSON.stringify(e));
        .continueLater(function(e) {
          console.log("continueLater. e="+JSON.stringify(e));
        .route(function(e) {
            console.log("route. e="+JSON.stringify(e));
        .resized(function(e) {
            console.log("resized. e="+JSON.stringify(e));

Deprecated States

IDStateReasonResponse CodeDescriptionUI Filtered State
PROCESSING_TRANSACTION_APENDINGPROCESSING_TRANSACTION_AIS0107Processing first transaction secret.. This state is now deprecated.
PROCESSING_TRANSACTION_BPENDINGPROCESSING_TRANSACTION_BIS0108Processing second transaction secret.. This state is now deprecated.
AWAIT_CAPTUREPENDINGAWAIT_CAPTUREIS0122Awaiting capture.. This state is now deprecated.
FAILED_THIRD_PARTY_KYCREJECTEDFAILED_THIRD_PARTY_KYCIS0190Failed Third Party KYC. This state is now deprecated.
IIN_EXCLUDEDDECLINEDIIN_GREYLIST_REFUSEDIS0315The API Client has excluded this bank.. This state is now deprecated.
MANUAL_HOLDPENDINGMANUAL_HOLDIS1001KYC transaction manually held by operator. This state is now deprecated.